Embotido recipe

Yesterday, i made Embotido. I served it for our breakfast today. It is tasty really because i got the recipe from a friend who studied culinary. My children said its perfect unlike the embotido they have tasted in their school canteen and else where.
It was a long time planning to try this recipe but was not pursued because i thought it needs a lot of time and it would be a big work. I am not busy yesterday and nothing much doing so i decided to try to make this embotido recipe and yehhh!! success!!
This is how i made it.
In a medium bowl, two tasty bread soak in milk until soft
Add ground pork , raisins, carrots (chopped in small cubes), potato (chopped same as carrots), green peas, grated cheese, onion and pickle relish, chopped celery, finely chopped bell pepper, egg, salt and pepper. Mix well .
Put the desired amount of mixture in every sheet of aluminum foil. Shape into cylinder and rolled tightly. Steam in 30- 45 minutes.