Pains during pregnancy

If you suspect that you are pregnant, you must seek ob gyne doctor for check up specially if you feel side pain. . Normally early signs of pregnancy are delayed menstruation , nausea and vomiting in the morning, dizziness or even fainting if they are physically exhausted and etc. These signs need a pregnancy test to let you know that you are really pregnant when the test comes out a positive result. First time mom specially those excited moms will go immediately to obstetric and gynecology clinic for official doctor's confirmation that she's pregnant. Using an ultrasound machine , the doctor could confirm that a woman is 100% pregnant or not because using this gadget he could see if there is a gestational sac within the uterus . There are pregnancy occur in other part of the reproductive system like in the fallopian tube which called ectopic pregnancy. A pregnancy occur outside the uterus is not normal. You need a doctor's proper management.
Along the nine months pregnancy, you will feel pains and aches due to stretching of the belly but you have to ask doctor or your midwife which of the aches and pain are normal.
In case ovary pain manifest during pregnancy due to ovarian cyst, you consult it to your doctor. This ovarian pains is not normal unlike the pain with snezzing, you will only feel them when you snezz or get up from bed due to stretching of the ligaments.