Survivor Philippines season 3

I told myself i will never watch Survivor Philippines Season 4(GMA7) anymore because i had watch season 1, 2 and 3 it might would almost the same story of the castaways. I really didn't watch the pilot episode and even didnt mind its time slot. It happened that, was maybe 3rd or fourth night airing of the show when i opened our tv, I saw Isabel Lopez very talkative and very protective to her daughter Mara . Wow!! i like their tandem for the SP show. They are interesting to watch in this show.
I am for Bulan over Tala. I am happy when Carlo voted out unexpectedly. I really admire of what Arnold did, how to removed Carlo from SP4 as soon as possible. LOL! Arnold is so intelligent. You must be the Sole Survivor for this season!!
I must watch this show till it ended.