Dental Floss

You may don't know that dental floss are still very useful after using. Dental floss is a special nylon thread used to removed food particles stuck in between the teeth and dental plaque. These floss scrapes to clean the side of the teeth when inserted in between the teeth. It is also an alternative tool to achieved the same effect of ordinary tooth brush.
If we don't mind, this thread are made of plastic nylon with waxed so it is durable and not easily cut unless we use sharp object like scissor or knife. You can wash with soap and water then dry in the air for some purposes. Have you experienced your shirt's button get easily loosened or removed because of ordinary thread it used? There was a time that my polo shirt's button loosened in front of of other people. Well, t'was embarrassing isn't it?
Until then, i always rechecked my clothe's button if intact with durable thread before using them. The best thread to use for sewing in the button for coats or shirts is dental floss. I personally recommend it to you guys!! And these are not the only uses of dental floss, you can stock more dental floss in your kitchen aside from dental cleaning or sewing button but also good material to tie or truss a roast chicken. Use this if you want your chicken got the best shape while roasting.
Use dental floss to slice a cake, leche plan or pie if you want to achieved a perfect slice.