Year 2011

Christmas is over and almost 24 hours more to go for New year!!! Yeheyyy!! one year is over again, time flies so fast. Well, my life this year had not changed from previous years, what only the difference was that i saw my hard work paid off because my daughter graduated college last April and got a work a week after graduation. She passed the board examination held last October. Actually, my daughter is intelligent and very responsible to her studies and her recent work. My only worries is if her lovelife having problem. I feel her sadness in her eyes and action. She couldn't sleep and cries at night. She didn't expected this because both looks inloved and we thought the guy will never let my daughter cry but he did. I can't help my daughter than just advising and comforting her. She's young and maybe he's not yet the right man for her. She's a successful engineer... soon, she'll meet the right guy along her way..hopefully. I pray to God that soon He may give her the right man for her to live with forever soon. My son is very secretive but there is no secret that won't come out specially about my son. I know he has already a girlfriend. He's inloved with a girl for the first time. I feel that he's happy. He date her girlfriend once in a while if they are free from their studies. I am so much happy for him. According to my daughter, my son met already the parents of her girlfriend at the girl's house. My son is a shy man but never expected that he was brave enough to go to the house of the girl and meet the girl's parents, that was when he was just still in the process of courting the girl. He's really sincere and very respectful. I really adore my son, the way he respect a girl and girl's parent he loved. I am sure he choosed a good girl he was looking for because what i know, my son is choosy. I was teasing him before (two years ago) that he must have a girlfriend right now just pick from one of his batch but he was telling me that no one of them made him lovable yet. I wish them good luck.
As usual, i spent the Christmas eve with my children. We had exchanged gift after eating a bonggang noche buena.
Me and my children agreed of what recipe to prepare for the New Year's Eve. I will prepare pot roast chicken with special gravy. This special request of my son. My daughter suggested spaghetti the way i used to cook for them. I used huge tomato in cans for the spaghette sauce. We don't passed New Year's Eve without our favorite Red Ribbon Cake and fruit salad.
I wish a happy and Prosperous new year for my family. May we have a happy and prosperous life, healthy free from sickness, out of danger all throughout the year 2012!. I'll also pray those people flooded in Mindanao that they can able to moved on as soon as possible.