Better....i hope.

I really didn't expect that it can be happen to my life. T'was so longggggggggg we patiently wait for him to be good husband and father but still ended to worst. Yes.. it is really painful, frustrating and shameful that a man that i married long time ago is................ . Sorry, i can't reveal and elaborate the problem. Hope you all understand.... Me and my kids hardly accept and they told me they are hurt so much like me but they need to be strong. I can feel the pain inside their heart but their father doesn't care. He is numb about what we feel. For so many years waiting to be good but ended to end.
Only God knows what's happen next of our life, we are unloved .. But anyway, I just entrust everything to God Almighty. I know right now is eying on me and my kids. I am very sure there is something (better blessing) He will give to me and my kids to make us happy and who knows... better and happier. I believe He is Almighty and loving Father. Pleasssss...