Died of Lung Cancer

It's shocking and unbelievable that a daughter of ex President Fidel Ramos died of Lung Cancer. It's really hard to believe a rich person will die of lung cancer very soon. They have all the money for medical need and this Jo Ramos looks young and healthy the last time i saw in TV. Well, that was still when she was the daughter of the first family. She's not so much visible in TV, newspapers or magazines unlike others who those became daughters and sons of first family. Maybe, she was really a humble person, low profile and prefer a simple life by her own.
According to news report, her cancer disease kept secret to anyone even to ex President Fidel Ramos. Condolence to the Family.
RIP Jo Ramos.


Conversion Doctor said...

It doesn't matter who's rich or poor. If one strikes with cancer, it will. The prolong of the disease doesn't only depend on the treatment but also the condition of the body fighting the cancer.

The Hidden Korean Place said...

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