She looks studious

This is my daughter when she was almost two years old. I gave her always coloring books, pencil and pieces of paper to keep them busy eventhough she was still very young. She looks studious noh? Yes. my daughter is lakuwatsadora when she was in high school and up to now but she's studious and never fail to study her lessons everyday before going to school.


dong ho said...

kaya naman pala eh bata pa lang kita na.

JENIE=) said...

nice to look back eh?

thanks for the visit, hope you can come by again...and in my other blogs too

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Chimmie said...

kay kyut na bata :)

Edmontech said...

good work with nice blog, can we to exchange links?

Maricel said...

thanks for the visit dear! nice to see your daughter "studying" ;) great to hear that she never fails to study everyday. hope she grows up like you! ^_^

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Amor said...

Sana ganyan din ang anak ko studious pa rin lalo na kung nasa HS at college na. Para kasing mas masipag sya noong 2 years old din sya hehe.