Famous individual like Michael Jackson and Charice Pempengco

As a fan of Charice, i really don't agree of Botox procedure done to her. Though later, it was announced that Botox done for medical purpose. It was earlier, Charice innocently announced that for her Glee Show preparation. I understand that the mother and daughter maybe just pressured by their handlers here in the Philippines. I am also just wondering why they video and upload in you tube. It must be enough that done secretly. Unfortunately, all the videos clearly shows the steps how the doctor did the procedure and uploaded in you tube and Charic looks like a model of the Medical Clinic for Botox Procedure and Treatment. Charice became looks like a cheap individual and not famous anymore here. How i wish, there's no adverse effect to decrease her popularity and next time must be careful of what she's doing. I don't want Charice become like a Michael Jackson. Michael was addicted to a series of plastic surgeries when she became billioner. And you know these plastic surgeons??? of course !!! who's doctor does not like to perform procedure specially to those rich who can afford to pay huge professional fees? It is a big profit to have a clients like them.
Just be happy Charice. Americans accepted your face whatever size or shape your face it is. Your still the most talented girl with beautiful face and heart.
Can't wait to watch your performance in Glee Show at YouTube !!!