Christmas Trees

Christmas is fast approaching. During the earlier time Christmas tree are real tree but nowadays ninety nine percent of Christmas tree around the world are artificial. Since the Christmas trees are used for only one month (December) they are still look new when Christmas is over, that 's the reason most people kept all the Christmas decors including Christmas tree to be reused again on the next Christmas Holiday. As Christians whether rich or poor, celebrates Christmas and never set aside the importance of Christmas tree in a home. The decors symbolizes your belief and presence of Jesus Christ in your heart so you love and never forget to celebrate His birthday every year. It is also a way to expressed that the spirit of Christmas is present in your home on that special occasion despite we Christians believe in our heart that everyday is a Christmas day. It is more exciting when everyone make their own Christmas trees outside or inside their home, malls, parks and other public parks.
Traditionally, Christmas tree is a decorated evergreen coniferous tree, real or artificial which usually now are decorating with Christmas lights and artificial ornaments garlands, or anything sparkling balls, stars and etc. An angel or star is always placed on top of the Christmas tree, representing the host of angels or the star of Bethlehem from the Nativity.
Stunning  white christmas trees are also popular specially in countries with snows. The white Christmas trees matched with the snow outside their homes. Actually creating your own Christmas tree depends on the situation in your place or what you feel. I am planning for a white Christmas Tree because i wish for a white Christmas. White means pure...like a pure heart which no stress, no pains nor anger. I felt very peaceful and happy. That is what Jesus Christ wanted for us.
Friends out there! start decorating now on this holiday season .