Mango Shake

Last two weeks ago, i got two boxes of carabao mango from my hometown. They were still green and unripe mango when arrived here in Manila. One by one started to ripe after three days. I ate a lot, almost four to five big mangoes a day. because i believed this is rich in Vitamin A, C and E. My son warned me not to eat too much sweet mango because its natural sugar will cause diabetis. Luckily i don't have a family history of diabetis disease so i don't think i am prone to it. I made mango shake also for my children. But all of a sudden almost half are fully ripe at the same time on the fifth day. I made mango shake and sold to my neighbors. Children likes it so much. This is better than what they are buying to the other neighbor because their mango shake are artificially flavored. My mango shake for sale is extracted from fresh mango.