Sweet things to say to your girlfriend..

Yes. when i was a girl, I do love when my parents said that i am so beautiful, though i am not. It's maybe i am just only a little cute. Lol! I am daddy's girl. We are five girls in the family but i was their favorite because i am the youngest. My parents sent me to private high school runs by nuns and lots of my school mates came from high class family of the town. They all beautiful and socialite girls as well as the boys. I felt so inferior. As normal girl i have crush also to boys but i am not convinced that someone will be attracted to me specially to those boys from our school. Unexpectedly, one of my classmate handed me a card. There was no occasion. Aha! i received a general card from a second year student. I was third year and he was second year. I never thought that he has a crush on me because he is younger and came from a wealthy family in our town. Almost everyday, he was sending me card with very sweet note. He was not the boy who is the most intelligent in their class but if he wrote me a letter or note he was so creative and he's someone like the superlover boy who can formulate and writes Sweet things to say to your girlfriend and poetic as well. Of course, we girls specially my close friends giggled so much about this kind of boy. Lol! All girls wanted sweet nothing notes from boys but there are boys can't write sweet notes to their girlfriend. Search the link i have provided to you if you want ready made notes for your girlfriend. This website features so many silly, sweet, philosophical and normal articles. Go over to their website first if you want the girl to win her attention or her heart.