Cheaper condo unit

I've been very busy for almost a week. I did only task offered to my blog and failed to visit other's blog because lack of time already. I went home to my province last Sunday. I came back after one day because i have to accompany my sister and her friend to look for the condo for sale. They both like the condo that i recommended. They purchased one unit each. They have chosen the unit at same floor with my unit i 've purchased. My sister's friend expressed her appreciation to me vocally of knowing them this condo. He like the building , place and the price. It is much cheaper that the other condo units offered by other developers that she had seen. It is at the center of Metro Manila but not at the polluted area. She said, the place is perfect for their family. She is a widow with 3 adorable ladies. They are nice people and i like them as my neighbor by the time the condo units be hand over to us next month.


Lawstude said...

hello po nay. medyo busy din kaa di nakakapagblog-hop :)

jenskie said...

hi! tnx for the visit. Happy Sunday!


JENIE=) said...

everybody's busy ;)

btw, how's being in a condo like? haven't tried living in one. it's always a house believing condo rates are way too high.

missing your visits dear
life round meNyou

paula said...

That's great! Hope I know the place so that I can visit to. I thought I might get a unit there.

Paula M
condo in Philippines