PDF Search Engine

Hello friends, hows everybody? I hope everything is fine. I am fine too and alone at home as usual. Actually it is hard to be alone always, i don't have someone to talk to but when i learned to use the computer and the internet, i feel like belong to the whole world, not alone any more, i feel like that i am eventually belong to many people from the farthest corner of the world. No more loneliness because my mind so much occupied with watching youtube, reading other's website about anything educational, music, health and home, sports, entertainments, event and local international news. I learned to use the pdf search if i want to search something new to me and if i want more to increase my knowledge about the topic i am interested in instead of going to purchase books in the bookstore. I save time money and effort with pdf search engine. It is easy! this is the search engine of pdf files. So anything you want to search with extension with pdf files, can absolutely searchable in that search engine. Pdf search engine are just like library for all kinds of books and documents. This is very useful to everybody not only to students but also professionals and non professionals as well. School expenses are so high now including books, this books are very expensive, so this is one way to save a lot from buying books you need for your lesson. That's what my kids doing now. They are in college but never bought books anymore, instead they use PDF search engine. I also love cooking and discovering new recipes so instead of buying recipe books to follow, i just search in the internet and everything is there including cooking tips.
How about you friends, who are stay at home mom like me? How do you kill your time when nothing doing?
Have a nice day to all!