Electronic Bingo

Hello friends. Are you playing bingo? Bingo is a card game. It is now very popular game for entertainment. Commonly played everywhere and also here in the Philippines. In my country, bingo games is commonly housing by big malls so people enjoy going to malls either to shop or play bingo.. I learned to play Bingo when once i attended a vigil held over a corpse the night before burial of one of my neighbor. My neighbors taught me how to play this game and i found it is an easy one. A person who has achieved bingo, raises his or her hand and yell the word "Bingo". It is very easy and exciting plus the prices if you had won.
When we were in the mall i wanted to play Bingo but my kids does not want to accompany me. They said they felt embarrassed if their friends seen them in the bingo house specially if they saw their mother playing Bingo. I am not a gambler, i just want only to pass my time and relax and it happens that bingo is my choice and of course the big jackpot prize is very tempting. I told them nothing is wrong if their mother plays bingo in the mall for fun. And they must have to support me because their supports will give me luck to win. LOL.
This is a great idea of creating an online Bingo. Now this is the chance for mothers at home to play bingo anytime we want. I don't bother anybody to accompany me anymore. we can play at home with comfort and with no travel expenses. This is the advantage of Online Bingo because you can play at home conveniently. Even those disabled, jobless and less fortunate people can play and have a chance to win the jackpot. Their small money can be come a huge money. They will put their money into business once they won and i am sure they will be a successful businessmen because they came from poverty so they take care of their money. From poverty into a successful business contributes in boosting economy of the country.


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