Shy Engineer

My son got a job abroad three months after his graduation. I thank God, seldom a fresh graduate  engineer to be hired by an international company without working experience.  My son was only twenty one  years old , shy and lack of  interpersonal relationship and social interaction with other people. That makes me worried and reluctant to let him go away from us. Me and my daughter (his sister) sent him off to international airport. I notice he's feeling nervous. I assured her that he should not worry because the company where he'll going to  work is a prestigious company and there are lots of Filipino employees to work along .
 He came home after six months for two weeks vacation.  He is happy and I noticed that he is not anymore the son of mine who looks innocent and boyish. He changed a lot and grown up man. He is already the professional engineer with confidence. His salary increased by his employer on the third month in the company, according to his boss he's  deserving and  productive for the company. He is allowed to come home for a 2 weeks vacation every six months. God is good!