Happy for my son..

I opened my facebook before i went to my bed last night. Great! my son was online and had a bit chat with him. I came to know that he is in Singapore for 3 days now. He'said he'll be leaving Singapore for Bintan Indonesia the next few days. He also said that he might be assigned to Sweden for the first time by one of these coming days.  I am so much happy and thank God for my son's achievement in the company where he's working. He's newly graduate of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, he's receiving a minimal salary despite he's doing a huge instrumentation job for the company. All of us in the family still grateful whatever the salary he's receiving, what important is the owner of the company tried to hire him and trusted him although he didn't meet the two years experience requirement. My son convinced the owner on his interviews  that he is knowledgeably knows about the job they're offering. My son now is six months working in their company and no regrets of hiring him because he's very useful and doing his job successfully. He got 40% salary increased started on the fifth month. I just wish that my son stay always good and industrious for the company he works. My son has many plans for his life. I wish  and pray that he'll succeed. I pray for God's guidance and more blessings for him.