Online auction site for bargain on a variety of products

Its time now to buy gifts and stuffs for the Christmas celebration. I used to shop for Christmas ahead every on the first week of December but until now i have no plan yet when to go for shopping. The reason of delaying my shopping mode is because my budget is not enough any more, i don't know how to stretched my money . I have only the same amount i have last year for December shopping but i am very sure it's not enough to buy what we need for Christmas due to high increased of prices of commodities. Not only commodities became expensive but my monthly bills like hydro electric, water and other monthly bills. I am worried, my earning increased a little but cost of expenses doubled and tripled. I can't just passed Christmas without good food and gift giving in the day of the holiday. If i can't find cheap products in the mall, maybe online is the other option which i didn't before. Why not?
Browsing my computer, i got many online cheap products but one site caught my interest to go over and over is the dealfun.com complaints. It is an auction site, meaning that you can bid the products with the money you have and you can get the products which you are looking for. These are bargain on a variety products which you can't able to pay from malls and other online stores. Read their site how to use their auction site and they have also the "beginner"s auction program intended for beginners to teach you some technics how to bid the products intelligently. What more your waiting for?