Can't wait for tomorrow..

Can't wait for tomorrow evening. I should save a text load for my bet contestant Nomer Limatog. LOL! I am amazed of this boy. Actually, all the contestant are really have a good voices like Lovely, Krizza, Lirah and Kenneth but I like Nomer best because i am so much entertained the way he sings. I forgot all my stresses in life if i hear and watched his videos. I wish he will win in this contest "Protege" channel 7. I am also eager to know what song he will sing tomorrow. He's the singer that able to sing any kind of song like rock song or sweet songs. He perfectly sung If I Had you by Adam Lambert, Baby I love Your Way, Rolling in the Deep, Don't Stop Believing, You give Love A Bad Name, Sweet Child of mine. If you want to search his videos in You tube just type his name NOMER LIMATOG.
Good Luck Nomer!