Sweet Potato

As the cook for the family, i have always potato in my kitchen ready. I used to cook pork adobo, menudo, beef stew or pork stew, mashed potato, potato egg omelet and etc. Sometimes i do french fries for our snack.
Yesterday i went to market, i noticed that everything is very expensive. Fruits, vegetables , meat , fish and poultry including condiments are really too expensive. My budget for one week which is 1,000.00 pesos is not enough anymore, it only good for only three days now. the price of potato was only 30 pesos per kilogram and carrots was only 50 to 60 pesos per kg. Know what? the prices is already doubled. I can't buy what we need now if i will not buy the items with lower prices like the sweet potato. The sweet potato cost only 50 per kg. An alternative for potato. The sweet potato is sweeter and more nutritious than the regular potato.
I prepared egg omelet with ground pork and sweet potato for our breakfast. My kids noticed that there is a difference from the previous i used to cook. They said it is a new taste and more delicious. They were amazed when i told them that i used sweet potato for this recipe.
To be more wiser, used sweet potato instead of potato because it is cheaper, more nutritious and sweet tasting vegetable root.
For other description of this root crop vegetable , search sweet potato in wikipedia.