Love your teeth with the care of Dentist in Beverly Hills

Teeth start to erupt at sixth month of age, usually at the lower central incisor. It is one development of a child which a mother excitingly waiting for. By the end of toddler period (three years of age) most children have already set of completed primary teeth, however almost all of them have already one, two or more teeth already decayed. That is why Oral hygiene is very important to be start by mother when teeth erupted. Advice to wipe the the child's teeth with clean soft cloth or gauze pad. Subsequently, the teeth should be brush with tooth paste regularly when primary teeth completed. When dental carries occur, it is very important to see a dentist as early as possible. Our teeth should be filled to preserve the teeth for three important purposes in our life. First, for biting and chewing our food properly. Second, for speaking clearly. Third, for appearance since the teeth help give shape and form to the face to be look always good. Primary teeth should always be cared though they are just temporary teeth because they holds the spaces for incoming permanent dentition, when they are lost too soon, the adjoining teeth can drift into the gap and cause the permanent teeth to erupt out of position. As an adult, you can not bear a teeth out of position.
Proper oral hygiene is easy and it is a routine for every man to brush everyday to avoid tooth decay and prevent dental disease. But i never saw a man without tooth defect or disease and it is the cause of feel embarrassment despite all the proper personal dental preventive measures . It always mean that throughout our life we need a dentist to care, makeover and replaced our lost tooth. I never expected that dentist now adays can also implant a new tooth to replaced the missing tooth for adult permanently. we need to look for the best dentist specialized on tooth implant.
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