Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama

I watched the whole hostage drama since 6:30 PM on TV - Chanel 7 up to 09:30PM. There was still negotiations when Channel 7 started featuring the hostage drama at 6:30 but firing started about an hour after. I can't help my heart beat became strong and faster while watching and imagining the situations of the hostages inside the bus. I tried to pray for their safety but unluckily most of this Chinese Nationals were found dead when the hostage drama ended. The Hostage taker ex cop Mendoza shot to dead. If i have not mistaken there are three from the hostages alive but wounded. I hope and pray for their fast recovery for physical and emotional as well. They are in the hospital right now for treatment.
I felt sad about this incidence and innocent foreigners became victims in our country due to cases against this multi awarded ex cop accused of extorting money from a chef whom they accosted allegedly for parking violation and possession of illegal drugs.


dong ho said...

kakalungkot talaga isipin pero nangyari na. kaya kailangan solusyonan para di na maulit.