Life Insurance

Yes friends. We have always to consider the importance of life insurance. We must have to get life insurance at young age the better. We don't know what will happen to us tomorrow.
Life insurance is a protection for the beneficiaries like spouse or children of the policy holder in case the insured person died with terminal illness, critical or accidental death. My father died of heart attack unexpectedly without life insurance.He was the bread winner of the family and my mother was unprepared and become problematic to be alone to race us specially financially. I was ten years old and my brother was 14 years old. I have three sisters who were in college that time. When my brother start to earn at 21 years old he, applied for his own personal insurance. Unfortunately he changed his mind soon after one or two payments then discontinue because somebody advised her that he's too young to have life insurance. After 3 years, he was 24 years old, he died of heart attack like my father. If only he continued to pay his insurance at least something received by his beneficiary and definitely my mother will be the beneficiary because he's still single. More advantage of personal insurance are not only plain life insurance but in Australia, it covers 3 types includes Life insurance, Total and permanent Disability Insurance and other Insurances like Trauma Insurance, Home and Contents Insurance and Car Insurance. Wow! It covers all. What more you are waiting for. Click the link i have provided for you for further information and details. What is good in this Insurance company offers 20% off to all new life insurance policies.


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i've always have a high regard to insurances...thanks for sharing this dear.

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