I brought my neighbor in the hospital

Yesterday morning , 11:00AM when a 78 years old woman neighbor knocked my door of my house. She's very weak, pale and her skin are very cold and clammy perspiration. She said, i felt so weak and i can't bear the pain. She came to consult me if she need to go to hospital or what medicine she should take. She's alone in their house her husband is not at their home . She has two daughter with already a family. Other daughter is residing abroad in Germany and her other daughter's house took 30 minutes drive to her mother's house if there is no traffic but she said she's asleep because she's night duty.
My first instinct is to bring her to hospital at once. Imagine ? three days she didn't passed urine and she's complaining of too much pain and she looks weak already. I advised her to go to any emergency hospital or else her bladder might be erupted. In the emergency, vital signs checked immediately and her Blood pressure reading was 200/100. Anti -hypertensive drug incorporated in 500ml of Intravenous fluid dripped slowly to her left hand vein. Catheter inserted connected with urine plastic bag and when her urine flows down to the urine bag , she started to felt better. That makes her terrible, was the accumulation of urine in her bladder that she can't passed out by herself for three days and that is very very painful and i felt the pain she's going through so i decided to accompany her to hospital at once. It was a government hospital so everything needed to patient includes emergency drugs, syringes , Intravenous fluid, catheter and other things needed was one by one ordered by doctor and the nurse advised me to buy in the drug store outside the hospital before they administer the care and medicines needed by the patient. I am wondering, if a patient has no money to buy medicines and if nobody accompanied the patient to buy for the medicines in the drugstore outside the hospital, they can not received the appropriate care and treatment needed.
When my neighbor, was in bed lying on the stretcher and start to feel better after catheter was in placed and emergency medicines administered, she held my hand and whispered, "Belen ..di ko alam kung anong nangyarin na sa akin kung hindi mo ako dinala agad dito sa hospital. Maraming, maraming salamat sa iyo.....(Belen i don't know what happenned to me if ever you didn't advised and brought me immediately here in the to hospital. Thank you, thank you very much to you.)
My neighbor is now okay and discharged home last night. Medical diagnosis is Urinary tract infection. Her husband came to fetch her but her daughter was no show.


gorgeous nelly said...

Hi Nanay Belen, God bless you for your kindness. I was moved while reading this post. I hope that children will learn to value their parents and show their love for them while they are still alive because they won't be here on earth had it not been for their parents.

nancy said...

that was so kind of you Nanay Belen. If it was me I would also do the same... 2 thumbs up for you, Nanay! :)