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Hello friends. We have only one body, so we must have to take care of it. Good health is always the key of happiness. Even though you're the wealthiest man in the whole world if you are sick or not healthy, you will never enjoy your wealth and sometimes it results to depression or mental illness. Still nothing can compare if an individual chosen to be sociable. Socializing with other people could also be a great way to have a healthy mind. Expressing out your painful feelings to somebody is a good relief and having fun with others, will leads to enjoyable and happy life. Life is complicated and an individual must be strong to face whatever it is. Life is good, there is always happiness and sadness, there is better and worst but if you are healthy, you can take it easy and always happy because you are physically and emotionally healthy. Get out from your house and attend forums or join forums online. There are online forum like Bones and Joints that we must be interested in specially moms out there. As getting older, one of our complaints are pain of our knee joints, leg pain resulting inability to walk or climb the stairs. We will learn from these forum about Glocosamine -Knee pain. We need to relieve the pain or else we wanted to die fast. One thing advantage of these forums is you can ask questions and share also your knowledge , experiences and ideas anything about health. No man is an Island, the more we socialize with other people, the more we have fun experiences in life though we're already getting old it makes us young, strong and happy.