Sweet and sour Lapu lapu

I don't know the English term of lapulapu fish. Me and my daughter eat all kinds of edible fish but this fish is the only fish like by my son. He is very choosy when it come to viand. He does not eat fish except lapu lapu. And it be cook like fried or sweet and sour only. This is a little bit pricey than milk fish or tilapia so i seldom buy this lapulapu fish.
This is how i did for sweet and sour lapu lapu:
After cleaning the fish i rub with salt then fried in oil.While frying, I prepared onion, ginger and bell pepper.
In a cup1/4 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of vinegar, little salt and half cup of water and set aside. This is for the sauce.
When the fish well one done . Put in a wide plate and set aside.
Remove excess oil and then stir fry the ginger, then onion, carrots and bell peeper. Should be half cook only. Cook in two to three minutes and pour over the fish.
In a clean pan, put the mixture and boil in low fire. When sugar dissolved and mixture is saucy pour over the fish and serve.