Across the country

This was my picture of my younger days across the country. It was 1980's when was new to this place and came here to work which very far from home, family and friends. There was no cellphone yet that time and only letters by mail was our means of communication with my family. Long distance call through landline was possible but there was no telephone line in my home town that time. It took them 2-3 weeks to received my letters so with their letters too. I could not imagine now how cute i am before! LOL! So young, innocent and virgin . LOL!!! My looks now is entirely different.
This was my 3rd day, I was writing a letter to my mother that i am in good hands and first time to sleep in an air conditioned room. I told them they don't have to worry with me because almost thousand of Filipinos works in my work place and we arrived here by batch, 25 each a batch. I was excited, proud and happy telling them in my letter that we are provided with fresh milk, expensive cheese & bread, apples , oranges and 2-3 viands each meal (lunch and dinner) everyday in the mess hall and i could eat as much as i can. These are the food that i was craving for because we can't afford to buy those days.
It was a nice experience that i will never forget in my entire life.


rjs mama said...

ganda naman ng nanay :)