The best Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just the other day, my neighbor/ friend came to me for help because their air condition is not working. She's looking for air condition technician. She's worried and also angry to the one whom he hired to clean their air condition the other day. She's trying to contact the man but he didn't reply anymore. I also tried to plug ON the air condition but there is no power. I advised to pull out from the electrical connection and not to use while not yet checked and repair by the electrician or air condition technician, it might cause a fire. Maybe that man cleaned the air condition in the wrong way. I also noticed the plug is wet. The man cleaned the filter with wash and water including the motor which not supposed to be. Other parts he removed were not also in proper place. This man pretending that he knows the job but actually he does not. I am worried for her so i tried to surf in the internet about Air Conditioning Maintenance and i found WC Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. They offers a total care on indoor comfort both residential and commercial establishments. They offers advanced products and excellent services on cooling and heating at a very affordable price. This is what my friend looking for. What important to this company is their sincerity, honesty and their expertise to do the job. WC Heating and Air conditioning Inc.'s goal is that every costumer must be satisfied of their service and day by day they continually improve heating and air conditioning products and services. You can be count on them because their quality craftsmanship and professional service is proven by many costumers.