Banner stands available at Creative Juices and Graphic Inc.

I resigned from my job one month before i gave birth of my first baby then born my second baby again a year after. I became a full time house wife and a mother. I myself took care of my children alone because that time,my husband decided to flew away. After four to five years i have to enroll them for pre school. If they were in the school i start to feel lonely, bored and financially unstable. I don't want anybody to take care of my children so i decided to just put a small business at home. My garage turned into variety store. My home is far from commercial area and my prospect costumers are my neighbors and those who live in our vicinity only. I am contented of my sale for the first month because my neighbor patronized my store and i don't expect more customers anymore. It was summer when ice cream dealer suggested to put banner storefront. He put banner stand infront of my store. Wow!! passers by stopped their car and bought ice cream and weeks after not only ice cream but other stuffs available in my store. I can't imagine how this small banner stand successfully promoted my variety store.
Friends out there! if you put up small or big business don't disregard banners for your products or services . Banners and posters will promotes your products quickly to shoppers and passers by. Better search the website now of Creative Juices and Graphic Inc. offers Retractable Banner Stand with full color graphic, Aluminum banner stand, Nylon carrying case, sizes from 23.5" wide to 60" wide and height of stand is 78" tall. Actually these banners are lightweight and easy to transport. Perfect also for trade shows, quality products and pries are affordable.