Signs to have a possible failure of Election

I am excited for May 10, 2010 (Election day) because it is exciting to know the next president. Yeh! i wished that Arroyo finish his presidency as soon as possible and expecting a new trusted President of the Philippines. But i am again saddened when i read from the newspaper that there are 3 signs that may fails the election on May 10 and Mrs Gloria Arroyo will be remain as President of the Philippines.
First is because Lt. Gen. Delfin Bangit (known as the loyalist of Arroyo) appointed by Arroyo as the new Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Second is the nationwide on and off brownout to some part of Metro Manila and other provinces.
Third is the the ballots to be used in the national election is not yet imprinted.
According to succession law if there will be no elected president , vice president and senators by May 10 due to failure of automated election , Arroyo will be appointed automatically by Chief Justice as Acting president of the Philippines. What can you say friends out there?


K said...

I am not voting this year, but yes, I sympathize with you about Arroyo. I wish to see her go down ASAP, too. Let's all just hope for the best in the coming elections. Sana wala ngang dayaan na maganap no?

By the way, thank you for dropping by my site! It's always a pleasure to get visitors :)