God cured me...

I feel better this morning, as i posted before that i have abdominal and elimination problem. I am on medication for more than a month now but improvement is very slight and worsen if i miss to take my medicine even in just one day. I ate fruits and vegetables everyday plus medication as prescribed by my doctor but there is no effect. I begun to worry and hopeless and i accepted the doctor's diagnosis that maybe adhesion is the main cause due to my previous cessarian section and dyspepsia due to my age. The doctor said there is no surgical or medication to repair if adhesion is the cause. My second problem (dyspepsia), my age is the main cause according to my doctor and they can't do anything than to continue medication (motillum tablet) and assured me that it 's a long treatment. Sigh...... I think there is no human being that can make me younger specially my internal organs. I do love eating fruits and vegetables like saluyot, malunggay , squash and many many more but why i am too young to have these symptoms. I prayed intensely to God through Jesus Christ. I prayed and asked His Blessing, to Cure me, to treat me, to make my organs and my whole body and mind strong.
This morning, i didn't felt anything bad and had my good elimination with normal consistency, size and characteristics without dulcolax tablet in the evening. This is my first time to have a good elimination since last year, it proves that there is no adhesion or tumor or anything that blocks my colon anymore. It's a miracle I am sure..God heard me and cleansed my colon and eradicated all those factors that made me sick. I really thank God. He made me well.