We must be always insured

There are maybe around twelve patients at the waiting area to be called by the doctor and i was sitting beside two ladies talking about one of their relative who recently met a car accident and his car was almost halfly wrecked. Maybe the man who met an accident still young because he didn't bother to renew his Motor Trade Insurance. The car was just a gift from her father because he is just only a working student. The two ladies are so much concern for their relative who slightly got bruises and contusions in some part of his body. They are worried for the damages of his car how and where to get the money for repair. In this instances, is a big lessons to everyone specially if we are driving our own car. We have to insure our car and ourselves for protection. We are not sure what will happened tomorrow or the next day. We must not just be confident that nothing will happened to us because we are careful but how about those drivers along the street or highways? They might not careful driving or maybe they don't feeling well while driving. That is why it is still important having motor trade insurance that once you are insured you will have already protection in case anything happened and will not already bothered of loss or damages of your car.