Full volume stereo of my neighbor

I am already worried of my eardrum . it might broke by the full volume stereo of my neighbor. Yes. They turn on their stereo with Christian Songs in full volume every morning from seven 0 clock AM to ten thirty AM until the owner of the house go to her business shop and if happened that her time to go out from their house is until twelve o clock so the full volume will turn off at twelve noon until he goes off. It is so painful. I like music specially Christian songs. I feel blessed if i could hear songs for Jesus but if the musics breaks my eardrum it is totally different. Instead of appreciating them that they are Christians or religious neighbors but i felt opposite. I wish they could respect their neighbors too. Lower volume is nice.
I could not complain to them because they are very sensitive , they have business and feeling they are rich and i am poor. They are new in our vicinity. They always mention that he has a brother who is a police in Mandaluyong. It is not that i am afraid of the police but i don't want to deal to this kind of mentality. I wish someday they will have conscience before my eardrum broken because they are doing this almost a year now.