Valid ID s are very important..

At last, i got my postal ID now. I have applied for this last week, only three working days processing but i forgot to collect on the thid day. I remember only when i went to bank and they need two valid IDs but i presented my SSS ID and my expired PRC card but they rejected because my prc card is expired. I didn't dare to update or renew because i am not using this profession anymore. I didn't expect how important this PRC ID. They said i have to renew, might anytime it is needed urgently for some important transactions because this is a valid and government ID. Not all have it and they said i am lucky to have PRC ID and advised me to renew now to be always ready at all time.
I'll try to renew next time. Actually i'm just lazy going to PRC office. I hate so much of going to that area including Recto, Taft Avenue and Legarda Street. Jeepneys are not moving due to heavy traffic. Wasting time to passed by at those streets and that area is also damped with air pollution. That makes me lazy to go but i'll see if i have enough time to endure the heavy traffic and air pollution.