An Unconventional Star Takes Over in February

An Unconventional Star Takes Over in February

It’s been a while since a Hollywood star had a name that was nearly unpronounceable, but times have changed a bit. Statham? Buscemi? Galifianakis? In the case of the latter, Zach Galifianakis, his star seemed to converge from a variety of different fronts.

Playing this month on satellite TV networks are three defining examples of his strange yet winning personality. If you’re tired of the winter wonderland outside, don’t let February pass by without taking a look at these Galifianakis hits on Direc TV, sure to please anyone in your home.

The Hangover: There aren’t too many movies that combine a serious approach to cinematography with a wild, rambunctious look at men suffering from the after-effects of a bachelor party. See Galifianakis run wild, then try and recover in this comedic romp. Let your HD television set absorb the beauty of the desert outside Vegas in between side-splitting moments.

Bored to Death: This HBO series is another reason for Direct tv subscribers to get excited. These packages are about the numerous options available, and HBO original programming is the best of its kind. While Jason Schwartzman tends to his own messy life, Galifianakis and Ted Danson get to have a little fun.

G-Force: Galifianakis is once again in the mix with this family film now playing on satellite TV networks. Don’t let the plot confuse you: It’s the old story of good vs. evil, and Zach is out to help some crusading guinea pigs in danger.

No matter what kind of weather is hitting your town this month, there are plenty of reasons to let a DIRECTV subscription cure your winter blues.