Month of February ...

Hi friends. Yesterday was my daughter's birthday and it was a heart day as well so we had a double celebration. Well, simply just cooked food for a dinner at home for the family with invited friends of my daughter. I can't make it a bigger or informal birthday party because you know....? i don't have enough budget. Actually, some more days' it will also the birthday of my son and me. Heheheh... we are all Februarian. What important is we attended service in CCF at St. Francis Square and I have expressed more my respect, thanks and my faith to God. Happy Birthday to my daughter and son and me as well. I always pray to God for Good Luck, Good Health and Happiness.


Lawstude said...

belated happy birthday to her :)

Gorgeous MUM said...

Here's sending out a belated and advance birthday greetings for your daughter, son and for you!

Wishing you all the best!

Take care!