My Sunday schedule today...

I woke up early with smiles . Although i was so in distress about my abdominal pain. Pain psychologically relieved by the call and concern of my mother in law. I also received emails from my sister who is in other country. Just her routine emails, as usual she's just only updating but I didn't tell her my health situation yet because i am still under further diagnostic investigation. I don't want her to worry about me. I had my Upper Gastro Intestinal Series yesterday. Results are not yet ready until now.
I can't make it too long because i am going to church now. I'll be alone because my kids prefers to attend the church service in the evening. I don't want to go on the evening today because i'll watch TV GMA7, for Starstruck V finale at 7 PM. My kids also have their own time now not like when they were young that we go to church together. Now.. we seldom go to church together. Our dialoged now is "What time you attend the church service?" (anong oras ka magsisimba?)
they have grown now and they can go anywhere they want without me so they won't woke up early but they will just go according to their own comfortable time.