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Hello friends, I am obliged to write this post that must contains not less than 800 words. I hope you patiently read it. Anyway, this is for your own good if you are patiently read specially if you have a fashion about Jewelries. Before i was not much interested in jewelries too because they just a piece of small things but they are very expensive. Just after my graduation when i start to work here in the Philippines although i have only low salary as fresh graduates, i bought one piece of earring and one piece of ring and that was the only i afford to buy for the whole two years of working here in the Philippines. But when i was hired to work abroad and worked in Dubai UAE , wow!! and it was really a wow!! because my starting salary was more than $700 and increasing every year free board and lodging, free transportation back and forth to work, free uniform, free duty shoes, free medicines and hospitalization if we get sick and all tax free. We have also free plane ticket free plus 40 days paid vacation leave. Ohh my God i felt I was like a working princess. Our accommodation was fully furnished and free hydroelectric bills and water. We don't have so much expenses here in Middle East so our monthly take home salary was never deducted. And this was my first time to see local women (Arab Women) wherever they go all their huge jewelries on always at their both hands with bracelets , at their fingers with so many rings , neck with huge necklaces, ears with dangling big earring and sometimes on their nose. I am so much amazed to see them just like carrying all their huge jewelries wherever they go. Like a soldier with his gun always. But it is nice to see them with all their jewelries on because if i have not mistaken it is their culture. One thing i appreciates so much in that country is there was no holdupper or theft. In my country so many holdupper in the street or crowded market places. It is shameful to tell you in the net but it is really true. So if ever you come here in the Philippines don't be lax when you use your Jewelries. They are theft and sometimes they will hurt or kill their victims. But Jewelries are precious and adorable by so many Pilipinos too, those who are sufficiently prosperous afford to buy jewelries for their own use because they are fashionable and some are for investments purposes. I able to bought some pieces also when i was still working before in Dubai UAE.
Yehh!! I had an unforgetable experienced when i was there in Dubai. There was no other places to hang on at that time because those years 1980's that place was so much strict on social gatherings specially to women. We foreigners just stay in our accommodation after our duty from the hospital if not shopping to their market . Jewelry stores are big wide and many as like the dress shops in the market. That is the time that i learned to shop in their Jewelry stores every after payday. I have able to accumulates jewelries for four years of my stay in that country. I love to look at this jewelries now specially that i have already children and one pretty daughter. She chooses some jewelries on my jewelry box if she attend special or formal occasion. She loved and adore all of them and proud to have a mother like me (LOL) . Yes we are not reach but at least she can wear sometimes when other lower class like us don't have. Easy to buy but not precious one. I am so lucky that i learned to bought small jewelries that time because at this time i can't afford to buy anymore and some stores you can't trust the quality.
Yes friends now adays, quality jewelries is hard to look for, I was browsing my computer when my mouse of my computer stumbled in a Jewelry store. They are offering High quality Links of London 925 sterling silver jewellery at affordable prices! Actually this is what i am looking for now because most jewelries i bought from middle east are gold and i wish also to have these sterling silver for my daughter. They are charming and nice designs are there to choose if you look for something that suits to the attire.
You can shop at online jewelry store, the best bracelets , charms necklaces, earrings, rings , watches, and other accessories that you are looking for at very reasonable prices. Very affordable friends. You can count on quality, designs or styles and prices. As of today , their Best selling products are Sweetee Bracelets with different sizes are there to chose from,large, medium and small. The Star Charm and also the Sweetee Bracelet with one heart and many more.
Shop here now Products are 100% on authenticity . If you buy at online Jewelry store, they offer excellent and friendly costumer service. They try to answer courteously all your questions that you want to be clarified.


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