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Education now a days is so widened not like in the older times that simple and there was no such much projects, essays or term papers to do and submit to finish high school, college or masteral degree. In nursing I have not experienced or obliged to do term papers or essays but we have case studies and just an actual affiliation and handle actual cases from the different departments of the hospital required . But when I was in highschool I could not able to graduate unless I did some required term papers. Wow... making term papers needs a lot of time to finish one and as a graduating students you have more projects to do for almost all subjects. I really find it so difficult to divide my time for every projects.
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RJ said...

Sarap sanang mag-work ng ganito kung matatanggap ako. o",) [Swerte ng mga students ngayon, may mag-aassist na sa kanila sa mga requirements nilang ganyan.]

Ridwan said...

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