I Love Reading Magazines

AS a stay at home mom , I used to buy and read so many kinds of magazines. Most of them about health, showbiz, and home related such as furniture , decorations, home gardening. I am not disposing them after reading and just accumulating in one corner. One of my in-law noticed the magazines and tried also to read them while waiting for my sister. He is a Criminology graduate and working as a private investigator now. After 3 hours of scanning and reading , he came to me and said that I have all the interesting, informative magazines but one important that i needed is about PI magazines. This could help me learn about private investigator. Well I don't think that I needed that in my life but I realized, why not! I am also fond of watching news on televisions. Crime is everywhere. Who knows?... Someday I could put up private investigator program someday! (hehehe).So, mothers out there! like me, start reading magazines consist of Private Investigator Articles. I found this career that it is a profession with or without formal education required. Only that but many private investigators have college degrees in related fields, like police science or criminal justice. Others have experience working for the government or the military.Well to know more about this magazine ,you can search on pursuitmag.com

I was blog hopping when I came across one private investigator blog. It is a nice blog. I found it very informative, serves me more knowledge about private investigator programs, training, legal aspects and experiences of the investigator
while on the job.


RJ said...

Kaya po pala "tired" ang inyong mga mata sa mga nakaraang araw. Bukod sa pagba-blog, mahilig din po kayong magbasa ng magazines.

Kumusta na po ang inyong mata? Natingnan na po ba ng manggagamot?

Private Investigator? Parang ayoko ng ganyang work. Pero takot akong baka ako ay iniimbestigahan na, hindi ko pa rin alam. Masilip nga itong blog na 'to.

Happy Halloween!

Tey said...

very interesting to read and learn. Thanks for sharing this Nanybelen
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