Thousands of Chinese couples marched down the aisle yesterday because they believed to ensure a wonderful and lucky marriage. Not only in China but also in other countries including Philippines. Yesterday , one daughter of a friend scheduled her wedding at Fernwood Garden Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City on this auspicious date. Two months ago, they handed me the invitation already and had keep on reminding me to attend the wedding. Unfortunately I was not able to attend, because my partner Joshua(my son) was not able to come home on time. They had an unexpected extension of laboratory class. I hope Michael and Belle would understand. I can't really attend in formal dress if I am alone.


tutubi said...

unlucky for me. didn't get to watch the olympics opening

maicel said...

hello nanay belen! tagged u here http://www.mommypassionista.com/2008/08/support-philippine-team.html

just married said...

thanks po nanay.. dpa po aq married.. un lng po laging gamet namen ng bf q sa mga acounts nmen :).. xlinks po.. http://chailuvs-chei.blogspot.com

Raft3r said...

hilig talaga ng mga chinese sa numerology

we make our own destiny, diba nay?

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vhiel said...

hello nanaybelen,

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Nyl said...

na-curious ako sa last part ng entry mo nanay. parang mas may malalim na kwento..naku nang-intriga pa ako..aahehe! but at least you're lucky to have great kids di ba? and most of all..you're happy with your life. yun naman kasi ang importante. it's not really the fortune of things but it's how we handle misfortunes out of it all.

take care po!:)

Ely said...

it didn't make a difference. lucky or otherwise, wala nangyaring kakaiba saken nung 888, hehe

Anonymous said...

hello Nanay Belen!
have a Tag for you : http://treschicmoi.blogspot.com/2008/08/mommyhood-moments.html