Blessed year (2012)

 Almost one year didn't make any  posts for this blog. I missed posting my beautiful experiences for 2012. Unforgetable year!  Actually, there were many experiences which was not all favoring to my want and my needs but i  can still consider them as my  beautiful experiences for the year 2012. God is good. He didnt allow me to be depressed, frustrated or kill myself but instead God  made me strong and went nearer to Him. I learned to count so many blessings that He had given to me and my children. There were times that i felt not in good shape and i consulted many doctors . I am diagnosed of breast cancer , thyroid cancer but after the two biopsies not seen any malignant cells. I am still undergoing for right diagnosis and management. May  God bless my health.
My two kids finished the same course (instrumentation &control engineering). My daughter works in Emerson Company almost two years now for his engineering job and now under training  for higher position. My son graduated only last May 2012 and luckily he got employment abroad on the August at the same year. That was three (3) months after his graduation he hired for Singapore and with God's love he said he likes his job and no problem with his multi race co-workers. Thank You Lord!