Clean Job

Hello!!! have a good morning to everyone! My traffic report increases since last week. I would like to thank those who visited my blog..who ever you are, stalker or not! There is no problem. Google and advertisers likes this. I received an email immediately for one offer. I earned 5 bucks! Hehheh!! This is just a small amount but smart earning. There are many bloggers who are college students. They blog patiently for their tuition fees and personal expenses. Even my daughter when she was on the 3rd year college. She blog to earn for new digital camera and cellphone for her own. She works in City Hall as laborer for two summers when she was on the 2nd and 3rd year college, she works also in Jollibee Megamall and she extended her OJT for four months for financial reason. I have a small variety store selling cigarette and candies and i am proud of it because these are clean works.. How about you?? you insulted my job. Can you tell to the world how you get money for your tuition fees and shopping expenses????
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Feb 7 (3 days ago)

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