Just came from Mansion 111 Condominium had my swimming session. I am doing this at least three times a week. It makes me feel great when i swim in the pool for 45 minutes to one hour.
As usual, i checked my email when i got home. Thanks God! i have an offer from SponsoredReviews.com for my other blog. It's just only one but its okay better than nothing, i am still lucky because i am not so much active in blogging anymore but still they offer me once in a while. Unlike before that sometimes they were giving me 3-6 opportunities a day,i earned $60.00 a day.They used to give one or two opportunity each for my five blogs. There were also independent advertiser who offered $50.00 per post requiring only 200 word if they seen that one or two of my blogs are good for market place of their products. My blog's page rank was consistent page rank 4 before, If you have a high page rank, you will be admired by advertisers and gain more viewers of your blog.
Those were the times that maybe we are only hundred million bloggers around the world. Now, there are hundred billion bloggers around the world who wants to earn also. That's maybe the reason why advertisers became so wiser and taking the advantage of these blogger who accepts the very low pay.