Everything has a purpose...

Me and my kids planned last night that we'll attend church service for ten AM but its already 10:15 but they didn't woke up yet.For sure we'll attend the afternoon service. I already expected this that we can't attend the morning service because they are used to sleep late. See? though they promised to woke up early but they are still in bed snoring. Even the breakfast i prepared, it is already cold , for sure this will be their lunch food , i will not cook for new anymore. I am beginning to freak out again.
While waiting for them, i checked my email and thank God! There is an email from Sponsored Reviews that they had purchased a review from advertiser for me. Love it! I have accepted and made the review immediately. Not bad waiting for my children until they wake up. God is really good. Everything has a purpose.


rish said...

Its true. Everything happens with a purpose.