My small variety store

I reopened my small business again. For personal reason, my store was been closed for almost a year. I took that opportunity to take rest, sleep eight hours a day and reflexion.
As i posted before that my store is just in our garage, so still the same situation. I am stay at home mom with very small business. If my store is small before, it smaller these time again because there are small stores already in my neighborhood. I wanted to expand into a bigger sari sari store for bigger profit but the problem is i don't have enough capital. One thing more, population of this community is very small and seldom you see people around outside their houses. My candies and some snack foods is little bit fast moving than the other items because there are children who love buying candies and snacks in my store. They used to hanged out and play here after their classes or when they arrived from their school.
How i wish and pray that soon i can find a way to have a more profitable business. I am financially problematic. hu!hu!hu! Who ever rich person you are, please share your money to me...hehehe!