Willie Revillame, Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto & Tito Sotto

Good! Willie is not accused of " child abuse " by Movie & Television Review and Classification Board ( MTRCB) but suspended for one month. The show resumes on May 9 2011. Good for the viewers and the contestants who got prices and monetary help from Willie.
I am a consistent viewer of Eat Bulaga and I don't want to watch Willie in his ABS CBN program before because of the rumors and scandals I read from newspapers and watch from tv news. But when I tried to watch Willie in his new primetime tv show in TV5 , i have changed my mind and begin to adore the generosity of Willie to contestants and other studio audience specially those old women.
For me, Willie Revillame, Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto and Tito Sotto are good commedian entertainer and good Filipino citizen. All of them are the same helpful. They help people who are in need as much as they can. So we should have to be fair also to Willie Revillame.


Anonymous said...

you are right, I also like the generosity of Willie REvillame, not that everybody appreciates dole outs, he has been criticized for giving out cash to poor people, they want these people to work, but with the philippine economy right now, the poor needs all the help they can get to carry on with day to day living, and I commend Willie for that. I have been watching his show since he started wowowee up to now, so sad it was put off air, my family is waiting for it to resume, we are in California, USA.