Nursing scrubs

Hello friends in nursing profession. I miss those days when we all working together in one hospital. I miss wearing the scrub everyday. During the early time on the year 80's , only three kinds of uniforms needed for those who worked in t he hospital. All white nursing uniform for the those assigned in the ward, pink scrub for nursery uniform and green scrub for operating room or surgical department. That is the standard color for the medical uniform and scrub. But lately, medical scrubs now are in different colors like blue or multi-colored scrub hats. They are great and friendly to look at. It is a perfect uniform while rendering nursing care to patients specially in pediatric wards and nurseries because children attracted to any multicolors or light colors and they will feel at ease with the hospital environment. Usually children afraid to nurses but because of these nursing scrubs , they don't feel afraid anymore thus they will cooperate easily with the medical procedures and treatment they should received.
Whoever wears a medical uniforms like those doctors and nurses are smart people and they look like angels specially the nurses. Search this website in the internet http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/ if you are looking for the most finest, high quality and fashionable medical scrubs on earth. They are amazing and cheap scrubs clothing, scrub clothing which you are looking for! Just click the link i have provided within this post for further details and information. That is the right site to shop for scrubs online. Features different styles and brands of nursing scrubs to choose from !


Scrubs - Tara Harkins said...

Definitely agree - scrubs are super comfy, and what's better is these days you can get fashionable and functional scrubs online for a great price!