Silver charms

Hello friends. School year is over that's why my kids stay here in the house daily and i am really expecting them to bond with me to filled the days were not together when they were always in school. I missed them so much i really want to spend the whole day with them thinking i am not alone anymore in the house most of the time. What's makes me upset is they stay infront of the computer overnight and they sleep the whole day. It seems they are not excited to be with me though i tried my best to cook a good food for them. They just love to eat it but after eating they will face again their net book or sleep again. So sad.... I think i need to do something to wake them up.
These kids are not anymore small kids, they are now adults, my daughter will graduate next week and my son will be graduating next school year.
I think i have forgotten something.... she will attend her graduation ceremony next week but i didn't thought a gift for her yet. I asked them what if we'll go to mall, watch movie, dine and shop for a gift? Quickly their eyes twinkled and approved happily about the idea that we must have to unwind by malling and shopping once in a while.
When it comes to buying something for my daughter for her graduation i let her know just special she is in my life, and let her know that i appreciate the way she value education, the perfect present can be hard to fine. However, there's a gift that i am planning to buy for her now, it is something that symbolizes her industriousness to study hard just get good grades , her beauty and being an adorable daughter makes me decide to give her a fine jewelry. She was still high school when she love to wear silver charms and actually she collected lots of silver pieces of pendant, ear rings, rings, necklace and bracelets. I am gonna buy one a unique design of silver charm as my gift on her memorable graduation day.
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