Residential Flooring

It is been twenty years that my house's flooring never been remodeled. Time flies so fast! How come twenty years over just like a wind despite of so much hardships. Survivor mom a single parent mom never thought can able to survived to raised two kids. My daughter now is just had her 21st birthday last month and she will attend their college graduation ceremony for Engineering course on April 11, 2011. We are waiting for just only a couple of weeks to come to witness her receiving her diploma . And my son now is also twenty years old taking the same college course and he will be fifth year by next school year and soon will graduate also if God willing. It was not easy for me being a single parent raised and send to school two children in a row. But i could say that hardship to my daughter already paid off. Her schooling is really over ( i am not dreaming only. it's real thing) and she is hunting for a job now. She promised me so many things if she able to get a good job with high salary. . she will not let me work overtime as i used to do. She want also to improve our home specially the flooring. The tiles needs to be changed, Because the tiles very old used for two decades, it's undeniable need to be changed as soon as possible.
My daughter can't wait to search for Residential flooring in the internet. We need a company that responsible for flooring , installation and can help us to choose quality tiles for our flooring. She found Sears Home Services . Right now they offer 20% off on flooring and installation. This is a big discount if ever they render their service to our home.